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Oliva V Melanio Maduro Torpedo Cigar Review

I smoked one this evening. I used my V cutter and had no problems with the draw and enjoyed a nice smoke output. I have to agree that this cigar had a mix of many complex flavors with espresso and pepper leading the way. I handed the cigar to my wife strait out of the Humidor and asked her what she smelled. She answered “chocolate cake”. It was a great smoke and fast became one of my favorite cigars☺

Good review. I’ve had two of these, one in torpedo one in petite robusto. I had same draw problems with the torpedo and none with the petite robusto. Doesn’t necessarily make sense but I thought the Petitie robusto had more flavor as well. 


Perdomo Champagne Noir Churchill Cigar Review

Bryan,I know you’re not the biggest Perdomo fan, but I’ve enjoyed most of their blends and I personally think they are a underrated brand that gets overlooked often. Nothing too spectacular or flashy, but I’ve yet to have a bad experience. This champagne line is my personal favorite.

Take the top-selling Perdomo Champagne cigar, add a maduro-wrapped variety into the mix, and the results are spectacular. More than spectacular.

The Perdomo Champagne Noir cigar utilizes a triple-fermented, Cuban-seed Nicaraguan maduro wrapper that’s been aged for nearly 2 years – much of that time spent in Bourbon barrels. Inside is a rich and well-aged blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers. The result is a full-flavored, but very well-balanced smoke that’s layered with notes of coffee, cocoa, sweet cedar, and earth. Medium to full-bodied and h​ighly enjoyable.


All You Needed to Know About Cigar Wrappers

The cigar is a natural product often compared to wine because its quality depends on the quality of the tobacco leaves used in its manufacture, just as in wine it depends on the quality of the grapes. Premium cigars are made of three parts: the filler or center of the cigar, the binder, which keeps together the filler, and the wrapper, or outer leaf, which wraps the whole mess into one beautiful work of art. However, none of the leaves in a cigar get as much attention as the wrapper. Wrapper leaves are essential to cigars not only for their aspect but also for their flavor.

To understand why, we must go into how the tobacco leaf comes to life. The minuscule tobacco seeds are planted on level soil and protected from the sun with fabric. After a few weeks, the seedlings are transplanted in the fields and irrigated often. As the plant grows and buds appear, they have to be removed by hand so that the plant develops bigger and better leaves. The plants that are destined to wrapper leaves are protected from the sun under a light, synthetic fiber that serves as a tent over the fields. If not protected from the sun, the leaves would become too oily and thick and less elastic. Sun grown wrapper is grown by some tobacco growers but the leaves are thicker, oilier and with more veins, however the taste is richer and sweeter.

When it is time to harvest, the leaves are taken one by one, by hand, in one movement. The wrapper leaves are placed in packs of five (called Planchas). The harvest is done in 6 steps: first the base leaves are picked (Libra de Pie), then the leaves right above are picked (the Uno y Medio), followed by the center leaves (Centro Ligero), then the Centro Fino, Centro Gordo and finally the top leaves of the plant which is the crown, or Corona. The Libra de Pie is never used for wrapper. Each one of these steps requires about a week. The best leaves generally come from the center of the plant, the ones on the top, too oily to be used for wrapper will be used in the filler. Four months take place between the planting of the seed and the harvest. During these four months, the tobacco plant will have been examined on average 120 times.

The shade grown wrapper leaves will be classified by color: ligero (light), viso (slick), Amarillo (yellow) medio tiempo (average), and quebrado (broken). The sun grown leaves will be classified in volado, seco, ligero and medio tiempo. The ligero leaves have a very powerful aroma, the seco leaves are milder and come from the center of the plant and the volado leaves from the bottom of the plant are used to increase volume in the filler and improve the burn of the cigar. The art of making a cigar consists in blending these qualities in the proportions that will give more or less strength and flavor while ensuring a good burn. The leaves are also classified by size and appearance: the leaves that are damaged will be used for cigarette production or machine-made cigars. One plant can yield about 32 wrapper leaves.

Once the wrapper leaves have been processed and fermented, they make their way into your cigar. The wrapper will give the cigar its general appearance, as it is the only part of the cigar that you see. They are so important that they are processed apart from other types of leaves. Great care is taken to avoid damaging these leaves and to keep them from becoming too oily or veiny. The leaves also need to be elastic to aid the roller in his task. For this reason, the wrapper leaves are usually the most expensive part of the cigar.

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Cigar Saturday @ Island Smoke Shop – Key Largo

Key Largo Cigar Shope

Key Largo Cigar Shope

What a blast! I just found my favorite cigar shop in the Florida Keys. Island Smoke Shop had a free cigar event tonight. They gave away free samples, free drinks, and prizes every half hour.

While it was a fun event, I’m even more excited to find such a cool cigar store in the Keys. They have a huge humidor stocked with a great variety of cigars, and that’s not even the best part. They are super affordable. For a cheapskate like me, it’s a treat to find a place where you can still find a handmade cigar for under $3. I can tell by the prices on their accessories, that they are really doing their best to give you a great deal.

The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere was fun and relaxing. I can’t wait to go back. I’m only disappointed I didn’t find it 3 weeks ago.

Location Information:

Island Smoke Shop
103400 Overseas Hwy #106
Key Largo, Florida 33037‎

(305) 453-4014



Bolivar Suntouso En Tubos from Steve Nathan Cigar Review

Summary Cigar Review: According to Steve in this review, the Bolivar Suntuoso En Tubos cigar is a very nice handmade cigar capable of producing quality smoke. This cigar is handsomely packaged which is very good to give away in special occasions. It has a perfect construction plus a very sweet captivating aroma which makes this cigar very tasty. It is a medium to full bodied stick. The cigar is wrap by a beautiful brown Sumatran wrapper and a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler. It has a very nice smooth draw and nice even burn.


The Brittania Reserva from Teresa Cigar Review

Summary Review In this video Teresa reported that the Brittania Reserva is a cigar that has a lovely aroma, named after the owners daughter Britney. The cigar has a creamy smoke and buttery flavor. It has the style like that of the Nicaraguan blends and the characteristics of a Dominican filler. It sure has a great burn and a pretty wrapper.


More and Bode from Teresa Cigar Review

Summary Review:The More and Bode cigar according to Teresa is a very boutique cigar which has a Miami style and a tea like taste. The cigar has a very unique profile of flavors making the smoke a very surprising experience. It is a light cigar but according to Teresa has a very rich and complex flavor. If your looking for a unique experience, this cigar might just be the one for you.


La Traviata from Cigar Masters Cigar Review

Summary Cigar Review: Here is another kind of tobacco made exclusively for COA cigars which is the La Traviata. The cigar has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Cameroon binder and a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, giving it a very nice full flavor but not too spicy taste. According to Brandon the La Traviata is another inexpensive stick and is great to smoke any time of the day.


La Aurora 1495 Cigar series from Daniel SmokenSpirits Cigar Review

Summary Cigar Review: In this video Daniel described the La Aurora 1495 Cigar series as smoke which has a good taste. The stick has a size of over 6.2 inches and its about to 52 ring gauge. The tobacco has an earthy flavor a sweet kind of molasses taste. It has a rugged wrapper that have minimal veins. Along the smoke it encountered a little problem about the consistency of its burning but all in all a according to Daniel it still is a great cigar.


Padron Delicias Maduro Cigar Review by Bryan Glynn Cigar Review

Summary Review
Padron Delicias Maduro Cigar says Bryan Glynn is a 4 7/8×46 dark brown stick tobacco,rugged wrapper with firm.the aroma of Padron Delicious Maduro is slightly peppery with a bit sweet taste and has a big smoke impact,the burning is great consistent till the end and the flavor remains.

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