Oliva V Melanio Maduro Torpedo Cigar Review

I smoked one this evening. I used my V cutter and had no problems with the draw and enjoyed a nice smoke output. I have to agree that this cigar had a mix of many complex flavors with espresso and pepper leading the way. I handed the cigar to my wife strait out of the Humidor and asked her what she smelled. She answered “chocolate cake”. It was a great smoke and fast became one of my favorite cigars

Perdomo Champagne Noir Churchill Cigar Review

Bryan,I know you’re not the biggest Perdomo fan, but I’ve enjoyed most of their blends and I personally think they are a underrated brand that gets overlooked often. Nothing too spectacular or flashy, but I’ve yet to have a bad experience. This champagne line is my personal favorite.

All You Needed to Know About Cigar Wrappers

The cigar is a natural product often compared to wine because its quality depends on the quality of the tobacco leaves used in its manufacture, just as in wine it depends on the quality of the grapes. Premium cigars are made of three parts: the filler or center of the cigar, the binder, which keeps together the …

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